About Us

“Things” do not just appear and “Stuff” is not just something we collect. “Our Things” and “Our Stuff” mean more because they mean more to us. But before they meant more to us, they meant much more to someone else.

Far earlier than our possessions became our favourite things they were somebody else’s passion, somebody else’s desire. They belonged to the creativity of the people who designed them.

The products we buy are the result of a long process, a process which considered current trends, how those trends affect the product we admire, what version of those products best fits those trends, and how the design of that product will best fit the needs of the buyer.

Catherine Price Ltd is formed by a team who have collectively serviced the retail industry for over 20 years.

Having previously owned and operated one of Hong Kong’s most reputable product design and development companies Catherine has worked with the majority of major retailers in the UK, Europe and US. With design studios based in the UK the Hong Kong company specialised in bespoke product design and manufacture for major multiple retailers. The unique designs based on the latest forecasted trends were manufactured in China by a tight knit supply base. The ability to offer the best of both worlds was the key to the company’s success, a UK based design team who could feed designs direct to China factories and control product costing and manufacture via a Hong Kong office. This allowed the company to grow successfully and develop a long list of large retail clients.

In 2013 the Hong Kong company agreed a corporate merger with its oldest China based supplier, the formation of a new China based product manufacture and supply company operated directly from China has allowed Catherine and Liam to continue to develop a business which supplies products to the major multiples, while also allowing for a return to the UK and the ability to focus on the development of Catherine Price Ltd who’s services can be offered to a broader range of clients.